Faith-Based Recovery Programs

Faith-Based Recovery Programs

Recovery is fraught with self-doubt, self-loathing, and a seemingly endless struggle between our best natures and our worst. But life’s toughest moments are often made easier through higher reasoning.

But when times get tough, the tough get faithful. By investing our trust in faith, we find that much-needed “higher purpose” to keep fighting, keep loving, and keep true to our recovery.

Faith-based recovery programs have helped countless people bounce back from addiction by intertwining healing and belief. Whatever your faith may be–from popular world religions to a more individualistic sense of spirituality–faith-based recovery programs invite us to look beyond ourselves and contemplate the role our journeys play in the greater arrangement. 

Kinds of Faith-Based Recovery Programs

Faith and recovery go hand in hand. It’s no surprise that the same kind of faith we place in cosmological belief systems might also translate to faith in ourselves. Over time, we often find that they are one and the same. 

Faith-based recovery programs are nearly as abundant as human faith itself. But which program is right for you? 

Christian Recovery Programs

Redemption is a central tenet of the Christan faith. Focusing on ideals of forgiveness and an acknowledgement of sin, Christian recovery programs rely on community, prayer, and the Bible itself to strengthen our will on the road to wellness.

Through Bible study groups, we gain a community of like-minded healers dedicated to understanding the word of God and applying it to our struggles. In sessions alone with Christian counselors, pastors, and priests we’re guided through the tricky intersections of shame and pride, guilt and forgiveness. 

Daily prayer offers a chance for meditation, while worship services further emphasize the aspect of “service” both within the faith and within ourselves.

Buddhist Recovery Programs

Named after an annual retreat observed by Buddhist Theravada practitioners, the Vassa Buddhist Recovery Community adapts the 12 step model along with several other unique philosophies to create a more cosmological approach to wellness. Vassa is a mindful and meditative program focusing on the Recovery Dharma, 8 Step Recovery, Refuge Recovery, and Buddhist 12 Step models.

Tools for insight such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-inquiry combine with a community to create a spiritual path to recovery and the acceptance and understanding of suffering.

As with other AA programs, you do not need to be a practicing Buddhist to benefit from or participate in Vassa recovery. 

Individually Spiritual Recovery Programs

The role of faith in our daily lives changes drastically from person to person. Some of us struggle with community belief and require a more idiosyncratic faith to guide us.

For those of us with indeterminate or underrepresented spiritual beliefs, there are programs that invite a deeper connection through faith without emphasizing a particular belief system.

The 12 Step Program is famous for its reliance on an unnamed “higher power.” Whatever that “higher power” may be, by putting our faith and trust in something beyond ourselves we contextualize our struggle and humble our efforts. 

Secular Programs

Both the 12 Step and SMART Recovery programs provide wiggle room for spiritual/secular people to explore their beliefs without too great of a commitment to any given faith. 

From atheist to agnostic, the dedicated faithful to the lapsed practitioners, there’s a recovery program out there for everyone!

The Power of Faith

It takes faiths of all kinds to make the world go round. So too it takes recovery programs of all kinds to orient us toward recovery. 

Whatever faith you call home, however damaged or strong your relationship with it may be, there’s no doubt that faith and recovery can become one and the same.

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Recovery is every bit as private a path as faith itself. When the two combine, we are redoubled in our commitment to wellness and to overcoming any hardship. Whatever your faith may be, and however you practice it, there’s a recovery program to meet your needs and reconnect you with what’s important.

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