The 4th Dimension



12-Step Meetings, Sponsor and Step work

All residents must attend 90 recovery meetings in 90 days as evidenced by a signed meeting sheet.  After 90 days the resident may drop down to 5 meetings per week if approved by staff.

All residents must have a sponsor or peer support guide within 2 weeks. Staff will assist residents in finding an appropriate sponsor.  Sponsor will be contacted on a regular basis to insure resident is actively working their program.

Level System

4D uses a level system that creates accountability and recovery goals for each resident.  For example Level 1 requires 3 to 4 weeks of submitting signed meeting sheets, maintaining regular contact with sponsor, compliance with all rules, 11:30 curfew and more.Overnight passes and driving privileges are determined by progress.

Community Activities


1.   24 Hour On-site Support Staff
2.   Random Drug Screening
3.   12-Step Meetings 
4.   Morning meditation 

1. Community Meeting-Residents report on meeting attendance and sponsor contact
2. Individual one on one session with staff
3. Walking and sitting meditation practice
4. Get a job class
5. Life Skills Group
6. Therapist led aftercare group
7. On site 12 step meeting/Big Book Study
8.   Relapse Prevention group
9.   Licensed therapist on staff 

1. Fun Night Outing
2. Community dinner with monthly recovery goals set and reviewed