Admission Fee       $800   

Monthly Programming Fee*       $1300  

*Food is not included, cash/check/credit card(3% extra charge) accepted

Admission Criteria
1.   18 years or older
2.   7 days clean time.  
3.   Medically and psychologically stable
4.   Have a strong desire and willingness 

      to pursue a spiritual path to recovery
5.   6 months commitment
6.   Follow the aftercare requirements of

      their referral source
7.   Follow all 4th Dimension Rules

      including group/meeting attendance
8.   Provide a release of information for

      all collateral providers and involved

      family members

9.   Monthly VIVITROL® shot, if required
10. Agree to frequent random drug

11. Abstain from relationships and sexual

      activity, unless in a previous

      committed relationship approved by staff.
12. Level System compliance

Items to Bring

1.   Bed Linens (call staff for bed size), Pillow

2.   Toiletries, towels

3.   Clothes for Job Interviews

4.   Groceries

5.   VIVITROL® prescription if required

6.   Aftercare Plans from Referents

7.   Cars, cell phones and computers are allowed, but are cleared on an individual basis during the in-take process

8.   Journals and books

  The 4th Dimension